Function makeAuthRequestToken

  • Generates an authentication request that can be sent to the Blockstack browser for the user to approve sign in. This authentication request can then be used for sign in by passing it to the redirectToSignInWithAuthRequest method.

    Note: This method should only be used if you want to roll your own authentication flow. Typically you'd use redirectToSignIn which takes care of this under the hood.


    • transitPrivateKey: string

      hex encoded transit private key

    • Optional redirectURI: string

      location to redirect user to after sign in approval

    • Optional manifestURI: string

      location of this app's manifest file

    • scopes: string[] = ...

      the permissions this app is requesting

    • Optional appDomain: string

      the origin of this app

    • expiresAt: number = ...

      the time at which this request is no longer valid

    • extraParams: any = {}

      Any extra parameters you'd like to pass to the authenticator. Use this to pass options that aren't part of the Blockstack auth spec, but might be supported by special authenticators.

    Returns string

    the authentication request

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