Interface UnsignedMultiSigContractCallOptions

Contract function call transaction options



anchorMode: "onChainOnly" | "offChainOnly" | "any" | AnchorMode

the transaction anchorMode, which specifies whether it should be included in an anchor block or a microblock

contractAddress: string

the Stacks address of the contract

contractName: string

transaction fee in microstacks

feeEstimateApiUrl?: string
functionArgs: ClarityValue[]
functionName: string
network?: "mainnet" | "testnet" | "devnet" | "mocknet" | StacksNetwork

the Stacks blockchain network that will ultimately be used to broadcast this transaction

nonce?: IntegerType

the transaction nonce, which must be increased monotonically with each new transaction

numSignatures: number
postConditionMode?: PostConditionMode

the post condition mode, specifying whether or not post-conditions must fully cover all transfered assets

postConditions?: PostCondition[]

a list of post conditions to add to the transaction

publicKeys: string[]
sponsored?: boolean

set to true if another account is sponsoring the transaction (covering the transaction fee)

validateWithAbi?: boolean | ClarityAbi

set to true to validate that the supplied function args match those specified in the published contract

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